Beautiful and Majestic Mantras

Introductions with Sound Sample in Free Domain

        Six-Character Great Bright Mantra

        Six-syllable Mantra (Tibetan)    (New : 2012-05-12)

        Great Compassion Mantra    (New : 2012-06-02)

        Eighty-Eight Buddhas (Chinese)   NEW : (2012-06-21)

        Amitabha Sutra (Chinese)   (2012-07-26)

        Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra   (2012-04-18 : MV Added)

        Guanyin Praise bhasa

        Manjusri Mantra

        Great Compassion Mantra (Tibetan)

        Heart Sutra (No English Yet)    (New : 2012-04-08)

        Other Resources (Links)   (Updated : 2012-07-26)

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